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oh to get my money from a trust fund do it all the time...

i'm very glad that lord huron is alive - i won't get to miss out on tickets this concert cycle, either. i'm really excited for the concept! i'll have to ask that one college kid whose special interest is LH to catch me up; i trust birdy about as far as i can throw her, and i'm not sure if the world enders are still active.

this happened a bit of a while ago, but i'm also really excited that IDKHOW appeared on jimmy kimmel and the grammys youtube channel. are they in the running for the 2021 awards? i sure hope so!! a lot of people have been onboarded with razzmatazz, especially leave me alone, and for good reason. it's also one of the bandoms that doesn't have the obligatory Incredibly Knowledgeable Crypto-TERF, which is very nice! if she's out there, i haven't found her yet. it's like the opposite of soulmates with these people, i swear.


so it really is february... doesn't seem like it should be. i painted my phone case in razzmatazz colors - i'll likely put it in the orchard later. it's pretty janky, and that phone case is falling apart so bad i should just throw it out, but i still like it.


NEW AJR !! way less sad is DEFINITELY going on the bangers list. and i'm gonna snag tickets for the lh concert tomorrow - can't wait! mom better let me use the tv, haha.


so, i should finally get around to talking about the lord huron concert, huh?

IT WAS AMAZING. I LOVED IT SO MUCH. i was enthralled the entire time. i just fell into a nice, slow rhythm as i knitted, the concert playing on the tv. the atmosphere was awesome, the song choice was great, and i couldn't wait to call in and request a song! i chose way out there... if you hear halcyon, that's me :) i gave vee the password to the account so she could watch it, and she loved it, too. i missed the jimmy kimmel performance, unfortunately, but i'm really pumped for the next concert AND the new album! i don't even care about the movie anymore, getting to call mr. huron himself totally makes up for it. i'll likely order the pin set, too, and i'm stitching up a nice emerald star patch for myself.