strex site is still going slowly. i'm not sure if i'll be able to finish it by the end of the month, like i wanted to. i'm trying to dangle frozen pines in front of myself like a carrot, but it's not really working... if the bios still weren't done, i'd be tempted to just post the damn thing and get it over with. but the gang is relying on me, and we've been waiting for this for, what, a year? i know it'll be disappointing, but i'm the dm that tries new things, and it would be worse to give them nothing than something underwhelming.

in other news, i'm quite disappointed i couldn't find paranoia xp on amazon. i'll have to check drivethrurpg. and i'm quite excited for the next monster of the week campaign, and if it didn't mesh with what i have planned so poorly, i'd love to try it out with frozen pines. for now, though, i'm workshopping a lightweight system called strange trails. when it's done, i'll have vee and clara test it.


strex site going only slightly faster. i'm supposed to meet with clara and vee this evening to discuss a couple backstories, and i have some really solid ideas for the remainder of the character pages. bios still stumping me.

i've been making quite a bit of progress on frozen pines; clementine's bio is done and i've written up about 2/3 of the strange trails rules. think i'm going to ask a few people to playtest soon - maybe even clara and vee tonight. i'm really proud of the talents system and i'm very excited to see it in action. also the ex-president is getting impeached today.